Advisory Service

Advisory Service

As soon as we receive your consultation request and a short description of the circumstances of your case, sent to us via the contact form on our homepage, the head of department at the respective office will verify whether we can proceed with your case as a student legal advice charity, taking into account workload, complexity and the amount of dispute.

In particular we accept cases when advice by a lawyer is simply not feasible on financial grounds or when the financial burden cannot be shouldered by the client.

Across our different offices, we advise fellow students, asylum seekers, not-for-profit organisations, foundations and start-ups founded by students. In Berlin, we provide anyone who requires legal assistance with legal advice.

We advise on the following areas of law:

  • General Contract Law
  • Purchasing Law (withdrawal from the purchase, right of revocation, right of return)
  • Tenancy Law
  • Property Law
  • Inheritance and Family Law
  • Labour and Social Law
  • Company Law
  • Industrial Property and Copyright Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Asylum Law (only Bayreuth)

When we decide on accepting your case, we form a team with two or three qualified advisors that is tailored exactly to your needs. The team will contact you to quickly arrange a first meeting in order to discuss the circumstances of your case and to clarify relevant legal questions.

At this meeting, a mandate agreement will be signed which determines the framework conditions for our consultation relationship. In the agreement you confirm that you are aware of the fact that we are law students and therefore our liability is limited. All our services are free of charge.

Following the meeting we prepare a legal opinion which sets out the claims and rights we can assert for you. Based on the legal opinion we then discuss with you the following steps. For instance, we draw up a letter to the opposing party or handle forms provided by the authorities. We always strive to achieve an out-of-court settlement which is satisfying for all parties involved.

In order to provide you with additional legal certainty, we work closely with qualified lawyers from the advisory board of our organisation and other partners throughout the entire consultation process.

Past experience has shown that this procedure very likely leads to a successful outcome for your case.