Welcome to Law&Legal Munich! We are a group of students dedicated to providing free legal aid for fellow students and others on civil cases. Whether your landlord refuses to pay your deposit back or you had your car repaired and are unhappy with the results – we will find a solution for you!

Our legal advisers are law students with above average grades who want to give back to the community by applying their knowledge on real life cases. We always work in groups supervised by professional lawyers in order to ensure the best quality of advice possible. On top of that we organise workshops in various legal fields that help us broaden our knowledge even further.

Our Team

Management Team

Anna Morawietz
Head of Munich Office
Head of Public Relations


Fabian Lampert
Associate Head of Munich Office


Carlotta Kuchlmayr
Head of Consultation


Veronika Gütter
Head of Human Resources


Thilo Quack
Head of IT

Management & Technology

You are interested in our service?

Please contact us using this registration form and give a short description of your case.

Here you can find further information on our association and the process of our counselling.

Special thanks go to our cooperation partners for their excellent support:

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