Law&Legal e.V. is a non-profit student legal counselling organisation. We are represented in Bayreuth, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Halle, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Munich and Tübingen.

Our association has set itself the goal of providing legal support and advice to people in need who cannot afford a lawyer or who otherwise cannot get legal help. The counselling is free of charge. Our consultants are law students with above-average qualifications who enjoy the subject and are committed to volunteering. Find out more about our counselling.

Our association consists of a Board of Directors, Supervisory board and an advisory board. The association is supported by its more than 1,000 members who are active at the locations. The locations in the different cities have their own management teams that take care of the organisation and support of the members on site. 

Our statutes:

Here you can see the current statutes of our association:

Board of Directors

The board of Law&Legal e.V. is currently made up of a total of five board members. The executive board (Louisa Brandl (chair), Alexander Flit, Korbinian Seidl) represents the association. The members of the board are responsible for inter-association and representative tasks and decide on the strategic orientation of the association. The association lives through intensive exchange. The locations actively participate in the work of the association and contribute to the internal committees.

Louisa Brandl

Managing Director

Louisa Brandl ist seit Februar 2023 
Vorstandsvorsitzende bei Law&Legal.
Zuvor hat sie den Hamburger 

Standort gegründet und war dort Standortleiterin. 

Alexander Flit

Chief of Finance

Alexander Flit ist Vorstand für Finanzen bei Law&Legal und stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender.
In der Vergangenheit leitete er den Standort in Frankfurt.  

Korbinian Seidl

Chief of Public Relations

Korbinian Seidl ist Vorstand für die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit sowie stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender. 

In München hatte er bisher den Posten des Standortleiters inne. 

Moritz Grigat

Chief of Consulting

Moritz Grigat ist Vorstand für Beratung.
Diese Aufgabe übernahm er zuvor für den 
Frankfurter Standort. 

Marica Wößner

Chief of Human Resources

Marica Wößner ist Vorständin für Personal. Erfahrungen zu diesem Ressort hat sie in Tübingen gesammelt. 

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board supervises and controls the Board of Directors and the entire organisation of the association. This ensures the best possible legal advice. The supervisory board is made up of long-standing members of the association, most of whom have already passed their state examinations and have themselves worked in leadership positions at Law&Legal e.V. for a long time in the past.

You can reach the supervisory board by telephone at +49 (0) 2034 20855 20162.

Sabrina Veser

Chairwoman of the Board

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im deutschen Bundestag, ehem. Mitglied der Standortleitung in Berlin und ehem. Vorständin für Personal

Phil Buro

Vice Chairman

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Doktorand an der Universität Bayreuth, ehem. Mitglied der Standortleitung in Bayreuth

Maya Mertling

Supervisory Board Member

Referendarin in Leipzig, 2018-2019 Mitglied der Standortleitung in Leipzig und 2019-2022 Vorständin für Personal

Felix Melchior

Supervisory Board Member

Referendar in Leipzig, 2018-2020 Mitglied der Standortleitung in Leipzig und 2019-2022 Vorstandsvorsitzender

Jakob Timmel

Supervisory Board Member

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Doktorand an der Universität Leipzig, 2018-2019 Mitglied der Standortleitung in Leipzig und 2019-2022 Vorstand für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Advisory Board

During the entire counselling process, we work closely with fully qualified lawyers in our association advisory board. On the one hand, this improves the quality of counselling and, on the other hand, we meet the requirements of the RDG (Legal Services Act).

We are regularly looking for new members for our advisory board. If you are interested, please contact the board of directors. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Our advisory board currently consists of, among others:

Valentin Löffelad


Valentin Löffelad ist seit 2019 Vereinsbeirat und als Anwalt in Tübingen niedergelassen.

Joel Straub

Rechtsassessor and doctoral candidate

Dr. Jonas Bühler


Jan Fabian Roller


Jan Fabian Roller ist Volljurist und seit 2015 Vereinsbeirat. Er betreut ehrenamtlich den Berliner Standort.

Patrick Gsell, LL.M.

LL.M., Company lawyer

Patrick ist bereits seit 2012 als Vereinsbeirat von Law&Legal tätig. Er ist Betrieblicher Datenschutzbeauftragter und Syndikusrechtsanwalt der SEW Eurodrive GmbH & Co. KG.

Prof. Dr. André Meyer


Prof. Dr. André Meyer, LL.M. ist Lehrstuhlinhaber für Bürgerliches Recht und Steuerrecht, Gesellschafts- und Bilanzrecht an der Universität Bayreuth und seit 2016 Mitglied des Vereinsbeirats.

"In many respects, there is a wide gap between the theory taught at universities and the practice prevailing in German courts. That's why students can't start early enough to get involved with handling legal mandates."
Jan Fabian Roller
"The consultants at Law&Legal have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real cases of their fellow students during their studies and to get an impression of the legal profession. To ensure a high quality of advice, Law&Legal works together with lawyers and professors. I am happy to support this voluntary commitment as an instructing fully qualified lawyer".
Prof. Dr. André Meyer
Professor Universität Bayreuth
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